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These days most boys and girls tend to marry their own friends, most of the same age marriage. The secret to a longer life is to marry someone the same age. The idea of ​​marriage has changed more than ever. Now marriage means not only giving birth to children but also sharing everything with each other together with happiness-sorrow, success-failure. As a result, marriage between two peers is on the rise. Going close to studying or working together, finding common ground, and finally building a house. However, there is a little trouble in the marriage of peers. If you do not know, 7 secrets and benefits of peer marriage.

What is same age marriage?

Peer marriage is the process of getting the same age as you and your partner or managing the family by getting married with a gap of 1-1.5 years. Your spouse may be your age or maybe 1-1.5 years older or younger than you. Everything can be shared with a wife of the same age as a friend. His favorite things easily match with him. Because of the similarity of mind, boys and girls of the same age are more prone to adapt to each other, understanding between themselves will be much easier. So in the midst of many disadvantages, peer marriage can be a lot of peace.

There are 7 secrets and advantages of same age marriage, so let’s see what is those.

1. Emotional maturity:

Peers have the mentality to understand the issue of same-age maturity much better. Our partner fatigue, what he/she wants, what he/she needs to do, same age partner can be understood. The mind has the ability to understand many hidden problems. We have to adapt to the world and share. Both are full of humanity, both are careful about managing the family. So in a peer marriage, there is the issue of human maturity between the two. If one has a problem, the other can prepare himself to do it. A lot of times you can understand what he wants by looking at the look and it is possible due to the maturity of them, who lives in a partner of the same age.

2. Friendly Sharing:

Sharing, love, and respect among family members increase through friendly behavior. And if it is from the wife, then there is no question. This friendly demeanor among couples of the same age greatly enhances the place of mutual respect and love. The mind can open and share everything with each other, the two can understand these two. This mentality can bring happiness to the family.

3. Respect the Mindset:

The mentality must be respected, if the mind does not understand the couple properly, then it will be difficult to adapt to each other for the rest of their lives. You need to pay attention to your mind and attitude when talking to each other. It was seen that his partner could talk but at that time his partner did not want to talk either. If you’re upset about this, you can’t respect each other’s mentality here. So we should respect his mind and humanity when dealing with his partner. Must have the focus to respect the partner’s mindset.


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4. Matching process:

The matching process has to be right, couples of the same age couple have almost the same desires. In fact, age, height, or weight are not as important in marriage as understanding or friendship. Because you will marry the man. not with his age, height, or weight. But in the context of Bangladesh, the family has objections to same age marriage, does not want to accept, if love marriage is another matter. In the case of marriage, it is better to marry someone of the same age, because your relationship with him will be much better, you will understand, there will be a harmony of mind and keeping this matching process right is the main thing and the main attraction.

5. Physical Attachment:

Physical attachment is one of the most important parts of marriage. When the physical attachment life is happy, the depth of love increases. Marriage is intact. A co-partner is quite enjoyable when it comes to establishing a physical relationship. One can understand the physical needs of the next, the strong desire to reunite the two. However, one of the problems of girls of the same age is that after the age of 45, the sexual desire of girls decreases, the desire for sexual intercourse with the husband decreases, on the other hand, the sexual desire of boys lasts till death. if a wife of the same age matches physical intercourse to protect herself. Love grows in the physical union of husband and wife, if the husband can satisfy the wife, then the wife is obliged to stay in the shelter of the husband for the rest of her life and to sacrifice the rest of her life for the husband. Life

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6. Commitment:

Commitment is the most important thing for a married couple. When they tie the knot, they must be committed to living together for the rest of their lives. The promise is a combination of a lot of love, respect, and trust. Husbands and wives strengthen their relationship after marriage but they can live a happy married life if they have a strong commitment. This is of course important as the couple maintains it throughout their lives as it is best to respect each other and this is the way of happy married life. Everyone is a little worried about the same age marriage problems because if there is a problem, they can’t be patient because of the same age.

7. Heartiest Mentality:

If one thing is not present in a married couple then the couple cannot be happy and that is heart mentality. For your happiness, your husband has given you everything you need but if the wife does not show kindness to her husband then there will be a quarrel between them. Many wives in our society talk to their husbands about what others have, what others are using, what they have to give, but how can he give if the husband cannot afford it. Many wives go out of their way to seek help from their husbands without realizing it. So everyone should show honest and sincere attitude towards husband/wife, this kind of problem is very common in same age marriage. Understand each other and both are the same age so the problem is less.

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At present, a survey report from America told, Divorce rates are the lowest among peers. If the age difference between husband and wife is one year, then the divorce rate between them increases by 1 percent (compared to spouses of the same age). If the age difference between them is five years, then the divorce rate increases to 16 percent. And if the age difference between them is 10 years, then the divorce rate increases to 39 percent. Also, if the age difference is 20 years, the divorce rate is 95 percent, and if the age difference is 30 years, then the divorce rate exceeds 100 percent. The report further states that peer marriages are the best way to live a happy life and that they cannot have a divorce mentality. same age marriage is the best. So getting married at the same age is the best way for people to have a happy life.

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