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Manage your family after marriage – Marriage Solution BD

Marriage is the Relation between husband and wife. It\’s a combination of lots of respect, love, trust, honesty, and pure mind for that reason almighty Allah declare it\’s the best relation in the world. Also, declare The wife\’s paradise under the husband\’s feet. manage your family after marriage in a way that maintains love & happiness. Marriage life maintaining our right life and also learning about how we lead our life perfectly. So marriage is how important for any person\’s life, we already understood.


At present, especially in the situation of Bangladesh, parents are interested in marrying their children. Because now our kids are soon established and they have the ability to manage a family. But the problem is the current situation boy and girl will be involved in some negative activity and violence. Some families want their children to establish themselves high and they have the right time to marry among themselves. They talk to their child about how you will manage your family after marriage. So, different scenarios happen in our Bangladesh situation. But some problems may not be happy for the perfect management approach to married life.

How to manage your family after marriage? 

Family management is the most important thing for any person after his marriage. People must have a perfect mind and have enough confidence to maintain it. After marriage, people must consider some things and also give up some important things. Life\’s responsibilities, maintaining knowledge, loving minds are all important and it is a combination to make a family happy. Husbands and wives work together in some of their family affairs. In addition to our own profession and other work is important but most important with family work.


Strengthening the relationship between husband and wife by cooperating with each other in the family, spending some special moments together on holidays sometimes will never cause any unrest in the family. Good relations with parents, in-laws, relatives can bring new peace to the world.


Wife and father- mother in law relationship:

A woman is delighting a men\’s life after marriage. She sacrifices her life for her family, husband, and their children. In arrange marriage or a love marriage wife must have all time have the proper mind to build a strong relationship with her father-mother in low. A daughter should have understanding and respect after marriage with her mother-in-law. They need to create love in their minds like their own daughter. Must be like mother-daughter. Of course, violence and arrogance must be avoided in both minds. She likes her husband, if she does what she likes, everything can be in the family is sweet.

Marriage life after Kid born:

Everybody wants to hear the call of parents in the face of their children, enlightening every married life. After the birth of a child after marriage, a mother has to go through a lot of hardships, and a father has to take care of all these hardships and financial matters of the family. After the birth of the child, both the parents think about the child and often choose the way to solve their problems. The father has to look after the child\’s upbringing. The mother has to see where the children go and how. The work of the family and the growth of the child depends on the right love of the parents and affection for the child. How you manage your family after marriage affects the children, so these things should be taken care of by everyone. So after the birth of the child, the parents have to be complementary to each other.


In conclusion, the right mindset and plan are needed to fulfill all the things of the world. Husband and wife must be a combination of love, faith, honesty, and cooperation. Happiness in the world requires not only money but also a proper mindset and planning. Your family\’s survival depends a lot on how you manage your family after marriage Husband and wife need sincerity and love for each other. Then the fragrance of happiness will spread in every family of the world, the word called divorce will be exhausted.

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