Basic Role of Parents in Islamic Marriage on Bangladesh

What is The Islamic Marriage?

Islamic Marriage is a beautiful contract between a Muslim man and a Muslim woman to have permission to live together. The Muslim Marriage is not a ritual to follow up, but it is conducting some ethical and formal rules. It is also a substantial procedure to meet the legit sexual relationship with abiding by the religious laws (Not accepting a slavery-concubinage). the role of parents in Islamic marriage is very important. In the portrait of Islam, Marriage (Nikah) means \’To collect and bind individual together in community and also one of the common forms of getting the rights to live together. It is also described in the Qur\’an as Sunnah\’s duty to abide Allah (Almighty).

In Bangladesh, the practice of Muslim Marriage is highly demandable because of the outnumber of Muslim citizens. This country is recognized as a Muslim state, and we follow the Islamic approach adequately. So, considering the part, Islamic Marriage has some specific rules to follow. Especially for parents, they need to follow the role of parents in Islamic marriage & some essential roles have to perceive under the society. Following the position, there are some vital roles to treat as a parent in an Islamic marriage ceremony. if you want to know more you can visit our other site.


The Role of Parents in Islamic Marriage

As guardians of children, you have a great responsibility to provide Marriage to them under the legal laws. So, having such issues, parents have specific duties to follow up and let the right things take place. To avoid unethical means of children, particular roles are applicable for the parents in the marriage ceremony. Now, let\’s go through all the essential parts of a parent\’s maintaining an Islamic Marriage.


Perform the Marriage at the right age:

Conduct Marriage at a suitable period for your children is an essential matter according to Islam law. This is a vital role for a parent to meet the marriage functionality at the appropriate age of their young child. A young individual boy/girl usually remains under the parent\’s obligations in Bangladesh. So, as a matter of fact, legal Guardians should take the initial marriageable steps at the adult age of their young children.

Find someone suitable:

It is one of the necessary things to contemplate the sources when searching for a rightful partner for your dear children. In Bangladesh, most parents are still adopting the traditional formats and getting the decision from those limited sources. The operations of many marriage matrimony industries are struggling with the clients, among some of those renowned companies is really doing well. Especially in this Covid situation, many parents depend on those sites and make a happy outcome for their children.

Check the background of each Individual:

As a parent, you can\’t let your dear one bind in any false promises in the name of Marriage. Nowadays, the rate of divorces is very high, and people are getting separated because of low inspection before Marriage. Checking religious practice, age, work station, social records, and other vital components should be checked with an Islamic view. As a parent, you must follow the role of parents in Islamic marriage if you follow this role your children are safe. So, as a guardian, you must be aware of those things before the marriage contract is signed and do fair deeds for both families.

Make a good relationship with the opposite parties:

Before and after the marriage conductions, having a good relationship with the opposing families will give a good impression for you and also for your children. In our country, a phrase is called that; \’Marriage is not only a contract between two opposite genders. But also, it builds a relationship with their families. So, leading a good relationship is the basic principle for the parents or guardians to retain.

Deciding the Mahr:

In present days, false marriages are happening and taking a considerable number of divorce rate in Bangladesh because Muslim marriages are not taking in a Sunnah practice in terms of deciding the Mahr and a proper deed on the marriage ceremony. In this matter, parents should compromise with the opposite parties and make sure every action is under the rightful law of Islam. As a parent of a young girl, you can\’t propose to ask outstanding amount as a Mahr or as a parent of a boy don\’t make any unnecessary points of dowry, which is totally against the Islamic marriage law & the role of parents in Islamic marriage.

Provide the Sunnah knowledge about Marriage:

Additionally, as a Muslim parent, this is your rightful duty to show the proper guidance to your children and give the Sunnah knowledge about Marriage. This one is the mandatory subject matter for both man and woman before cording into a marriage relationship. So, while you are about to give any advice to your children, make sure he/she got the right and all the Sunnah knowledge about Marriage for a Deen marriage life.

Types of Parents and guardians:

According to Islam, any parents are eligible to participate in all the marriage procedures and decisions of their adult child unless they are mentally disabled or hospitalized or died earlier. In this matter, close relatives are allowed to perform such traditional ceremonies as legal guardians.

But it is not mandatory in Islam to have any guardians to conduct in a marriage approach. If you are an adult and stable according to the \”Islamic law of marriage,\” you can take part in the ceremony of Nikah all by yourself with the permission of both individuals.


Islamic Marriage is not a sacrament of buying or dealing with any salve-agreement. It is a contract to engage in a legitimate relationship to build mutual understanding between a man and a woman to fulfill their basic requirements. the basic role of parents in Islamic marriage should follow everyone. Though it is imperative to please Almighty indications from a religious perspective, we should obey the Islamic marriage rules and regulations. Along with that, parents have some significant role in accomplishing this matter. As a Muslim parent, everyone should be careful with the steps to bring joy and happiness to their children.

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