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Marriage is a civil agreement and allowing two individuals to act as husband and wife legally. In Bangladesh, Islamic marriage allows all Muslim citizens of Bangladesh to sign in a marriage contract and request to have legal rights on their spouse. Considering the marriage law, or we can say in a Halal way getting an acceptance in society to focus on the main intercourse of a man and woman needs from each other. marriage means for both men and women in Bangladesh is one kind of relationship that’s called husband-wife & it’s some responsibility for each other. An Islamic marriage should be taking place according to the Qur’an and prophetic indications with maintaining the country’s legal rights.

Along with that, for other religions, there have various rituals and oversee formalities to engage in a marriage relationship. But performing marital obligations between two people should have some mutual understanding and shared interests. So, considering the idea, we design this blog on some common reasons for getting married in Bangladesh. Read more to know about the basic needs of men and women in the conduct of marriage means to live under a society.

marriage means for both men and women

what marriage means for both men and women in Bangladesh: a complete guide

What Marriage Means for both Men and women: men part?

Companionship at old age:

If you are lucky enough, you can end up with your loved one in your last stages. As a man, you will always want someone to be your side at your all ups and downs. Not only as a family bonding, but you may also need someone who would love unconditionally, especially at your old age.

To start a family:

A man is always seeking to start a family from a young age. For carrying out the society need, marriage plays a vital role to uprise the civilizations. So, people get involved in making family and let the world clinch with the new generation to grow.

Supportive Partner for Lifetime: In this world, every living being needs a partner to survive. Good companionship is required in order to be supportive under no condition or any financial motive. Every religious support such a formal way to live with someone as a lifetime partner under the marital order.

Sexual Concord:

One of the significant facts of getting married is to fulfill sexual needs. From the adult age to a full-grown man, one is unable to restrain his physical appetite. There are certain obligations to maintain in every religion as a matter of fulfilling the sexual requirements, and marriage is the only legit way to compress this restriction.

Affirmation of mutual love:

A boy or a man also wants someone who would love him as a grown-up man. Apart from sexual or supportive needs, a man is also looking for love and getting it from the opposite one. No matter what, every human needs the assurance of love and conducts with mutual interests too.

marriage means for both men and women

What Marriage Means for both men and  Women: women Part?

Sense of Security:

Women were needed to be protected from unwanted situations in the man dominating the world from the past ages. They are supposed to get complete security and demanding live hood senses to live under marriageable contracts. So, marriage gives the legit right to live with a man in the community with dignity. Also, the government provides marital security and civil benefits for married women.

Religious induction:

There is a solid instruction to become a partner or have someone in your life as a husband in every religion. From the proximal values of religious beliefs and religious practices, marriage considers an essential factor to obey and earn the price for not committing sins mentioned in every religious induction. To maintain the religious substance, marriage plays a significant role for humankind.

For motherhood Love:

Inside a woman, the motherhood affection has already been set up from the old times. Becoming a mother is a blessing for a woman, and because of the reproduction system, a woman is the best resource to maintain this biological framework. Considering the factors, marriage permits the legit process to become a mother under the marriage law, which is very conductible and beneficial for a mother.

Sexual Desire:

For women, physical desires are totally a different motive to explain. As human nature, a woman also needs the sexual wishes to meet and fulfill the impulsive act with her partner. For that, an opposite gender is highly recommended in a general sense to understand the body’s needs. So, in a halal or legit way, marital sexual concord is acceptable and has the full right in the religious perspective.

Young Dream:

At a young age, if someone asks a girl what is the ultimate dream of a girl. Then most of them will have a standard answer to get married. For them, having a great life partner, starting a family of her own, raising children, and seeking all other living rights is a dream to accomplish through marriage.


Final Context: 

From time to time, human behavior changes, and the prospect of marriage is also transforming by the mean of individuals. what marriage means for both men and women is different for every different people Meanwhile, in Bangladesh, the people are very religious-oriented, and most of them have a decent view of marriage. So, in this blog, we cover some of the primary means of marriage from both men’s and women’s perspectives. To know more about parents ‘ role in Islamic marriage, visit our website.