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Among other relationships, marriage is the best and most sacred relationship. Marriage is the only pure process of any relationship between any couple. 8 simple but powerful ways to Build your marriage. Every human being has desires and they must fulfill them and marriage is the process of solving problems. Marriage is the way to a new life, new responsibilities, and happiness for the whole family. Here are some tips to help you get started:

8 simple but powerful ways to build your marriage

1. Responsibility:

Responsibility is the key to getting married. It is the process of building a new life and a new marriage. Couples are taking it together. A boy must be able to take on all the responsibilities of a daughter/wife. Wives sometimes demand something from their husbands and the husband must fulfill the demand. Couples need to understand each other and what they like, and what they dislike. All responsibility is the construction of any married life.


2. Respect:

Respect is another important factor in marriage. If husband and wife can respect each other, there will be a lot of happiness in married life. This respect should exist not only between husband and wife, but both should also show respect to their family. respect is an essential part build your marriage. Just as the wife should take care of the family, the son-in-law should arrange the family with respect to all the members of the family. The husband should also show respect to everyone in the in-laws\’ house. Then peace will come to the family.


3. Establishing improved relationships: 

It is very important to establish a relationship because it is difficult for a husband and wife to survive if the relationship does not improve in this world. Establishing relationships is the key to keeping every family happy. In our country today, after marriage, sons and daughters create a mindset with many family members on various issues related to career and family arrangement, which leads to cracks. Even if it is good on the surface, anger is hidden in the mind. As a result, it becomes difficult to establish love between family members. So after marriage, both husband and wife should move forward keeping in mind the issue of establishing a relationship with each other\’s family.


4. The mindset to solve:

Family members and couples can often have minor disagreements, even quarrels. And good mentality is needed to solve this problem. There may be many problems in the world, and Samar must have the mentality to solve everything one by one. Husband and wife should come forward to solve this problem or at least one of them should have the mentality to solve it. Issues have to be discussed, everyone has to sit down, then all the solutions will be confirmed. Happiness will come into the world too.



5. The ability to make the right decisions:

Making the right decision at the right time is one of the most important parts of building a good relationship with everyone in the family. Husbands and wives often have a role to play in making decisions. We need to focus on cooperating with each other for any effective decision to be made in harmony with all. Remember that current intelligence can play a big role in making the right decision. So both husband and wife must be able to make the right decisions in the family.

6. Mentality Changes:  

In married life, couples need to change people. The kind of mentality that existed before marriage, it has become necessary to change something after marriage. Thinking positively about family, the bachelor wanted to do a lot in life, there was no time to think good or bad, just think of yourself. But after marriage, couples have to think about whether they are alone or not. Some things are good, some things are bad, what is good to do, what will be bad for us, to sort out our family, to have a healthy mind, to be happy in the family for ourselves, we have to plan something new. Happiness, always thinking positively in the right way.


7. The ability to work together:

After marriage, both husband and wife have to work together. In the distribution of responsibilities in the family, both have to coordinate in different ways to maintain happiness in the family. You have to be busy with work, at the same time you have to work by discussing the details of the world with each other. The ability of the two to work together will improve the relationship and build your marriage between Sami / their spouse in the family.


8. Attracted to Physical Relation:

The best way to strengthen the relationship between husband and wife is to establish a physical relationship. If you can establish a physical relationship with each other by making rules 3-4 days a week and if you can give extreme happiness and satisfaction to the wife then the relationship will be developed. The essence of married life is this physical desire between the couple, this relationship has been legitimized by Allah, and it is a sacred relationship. In the world, therefore, one of the ways to be happy is to establish a relationship between husband and wife in different ways at different times.





In the end, it can be said that every marriage survives because of the right mindset and improved relationships. Therefore, if we can adapt to each other by keeping harmony of mind and humanity in an honest way, then every relationship will last for a lifetime and we will be in happiness. In order to improve the relationship, everything will be fine if we can be bound in a sacred bond like marriage with respect, cooperation, and trust in each other. Make up your mind with your life partner, be honest and tell your partner all your thoughts and keep him attracted to you. So that is a little way to build your marriage.

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