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Children are the future of world development. Every child is important for all families. After birth children try to learn everything from their families. Child management is very important to be established as a perfect human being in the future. When they need something bad or good, their family needs to focus on their work. Everyone says that the form of God can be seen in the form of a child.

What is Child Management?

Child management is the process of raising a child in a family. Fate and the mother are waiting for the child after their marriage, when they have become parents, they must take the responsibility of raising their child perfectly. Before a child is born, parents must practice some problems. After birth, they implement all their plans into their child. Pay attention to the food, nutrition, and health of lots of kids during this time. All the family members are very happy and playing with their kids. It is very important to manage everything after and before the birth of a child. Parents must take responsibility and be able to handle all the pressures while managing the child.

Child management process:

The process of managing a baby begins when the baby is born, sometimes it starts before the baby is born. Parents need to make a plan for how their children grow up and how they give of themselves. Every child starts their learning process from the family. Parents must pay attention to this, and sometimes avoid bad habits if they are in front of the child. This process creates some useful problems for the development of the child and caring, loving, sharing of good knowledge is all that should be learned in the child. Families may have friendly relationships with their children and may be forced to do something good. The child management process will be successful when all families complete their process easily.

How children learn from family:

After birth, each child begins to learn something in their family. Parents want to share knowledge with their children. Especially mothers are taking care of their baby without a father. Because the father is busy with the job/profession to support the family financially. The mother always takes care of their babies as well as everything and drinks milk when the babies are hungry. As parents and mothers share exactly what knowledge, we show something

  • Growing Environment:

The environment in which each child grows up determines what kind of person he or she will be. The baby’s environment is very important from birth. Growing up in a good environment, children will be humanely filled with an environment where friendly relationships exist. On the other hand, many times parents are not able to take care of the child because they are busy with their own work, leaving the child to someone else and raising him. The child learns everything from the parents from an early age. So the environment in which the child grows up should be lively and well connected. There has to be an environment where there is a lot to learn, child management Is ok, the environment in which the child grows up plays an important role in establishing the environment in later life.

  • Developmental Skills:

It is very important for a child to learn various developmental skills such as motor skills, cognitive skills, emotional skills, and language skills for optimal growth and development. For helping your child polish his motor skills, you should involve your kid in various kinds of physical activities that may help him tune his motor skills. What may seem ordinary or comes naturally to you as an adult may be a task for your little one. In order to help his motor skills help your kid to learn to sit, walk, crawl, run and do other such physical activities.

  • Behavior Skill:

Parents need to keep an eye on their child’s behavior. You have to see who is mixing, what is working, how it is being used. If you are in a bad mood, you need to help avoid it and explain it to yourself. Remember, children learn everything from their parents. So parents should not misbehave in front of their children, they should not misbehave with each other. If it does, it will scratch the baby’s humanity. So you need to keep an eye on the baby’s behavior. Behavior should be sweet and polite. Child management process

  •  Caring value and security:

In the family, the child has to be cherished by the parents from birth. The good aspects of mind-humanity need to be presented to the child. Parents need to have the right bond, take the baby with them. Everything has to be done to keep his mind-humanity good. Adequate education must be provided. The child’s privacy must be monitored. Who is mixing with whom, what is he doing, he should refrain from doing counter work? The role of parents in keeping their children safe should always be positive. So caring and security is another process of Child Management.

  • Parents role with the Child:

Without the role of the child in the family, the children of that family can never be good people. In the society of Bangladesh, most parents exercise their rights towards their children, if the result of the child is bad, they should be beaten, speak the harsh language and refrain from all kinds of human torture. To understand why the result is bad, the result is the same as holding the child, but the parents impose themselves on the child without realizing it. Many children in the family try to do something from an early age, some love to play cricket, some like to play with electronic devices. Parents should be encouraged to do what they love. Let him grow up like her. In addition to reading, these activities will help the child’s development. So the parents of the family show a positive attitude towards the child. It is not good to do something by force, and it is not good to do something by force.


Child value Socially:

The role of the child in a social way is much needed. If we look at the rural society of Bangladesh, the evaluation of a boy who goes into a doctor, engineer, actor, government employee, or any other good and respectable profession is much higher. He has a special respect for society. If you are a good student or someone does a respectable job, the example is given by the parents of other boys. Every family needs to value the child’s social values, so the child needs to grow up in the right way.



Child Management in the family must be on the right match. The development of the child must be in an environment where everyone will have a different assessment. In addition to studying in the family, everything else has to be suggested. All the children in the world will grow up with social values ​​and brighten the future if we can focus on raising children in a good environment with bad people and eliminating a bad environment. Everyone has to spend time with their child starting from having parents and every child will be invaluable only if they can correct their mistakes without governing.